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Best Data Recovery Service - Melbourne

Free Instant Quotes for Data Recovery from all types of digital data storage devices: mobile phones on iOS (Apple), Android, Windows & Blackberry, mobile phone SIM cards and hard drives, tablets, Computer Hard Drives (Desktops and Laptops), memory cards and USB Flash Drives.

What type of data can be recovered from my Mobile Phone?

Data can be recovered from your SIM card or your mobile phone’s hard drive or both. In most cases we can recover the good majority of your phone’s contents: Photos, Videos, Audio files, SMS, MMS, notes, application notes, call logs, calendar entries, chat records.

(We will let you know if any type of file is not recoverable for your specific device when we examine and explore its particular issues).

Is Data Recovery always Successful?

No, and no one on earth can guarantee you this.

However, Aussie Mobile Solution's track record is currently successful in recovering the required data in approximately 90% of all recovery jobs we undertake.